🪴 Plant Hub | Your all-in-one Plant Management Dashboard


⚡️⚡️ Finding it hard to keep track on your plants and their needs? I've created and used this easy to use Notion Plant Hub to keep track of my indoor plants since I became a plant-parent.

🪴 This Notion dashboard will help you keep track of your plants, their needs and all relevant plant-parent resources in one place.

What's included, what are the benefits and how does this work?

  • A plant database for all your plant-babies

  • Pre-made templates to record all your plant needs - water, temperature, light, soil, propagation

  • Within each plant template, a Grower's Journal section so you can reflect on your plant-parent journey for each of your plants so far.

  • Dashboard that tells you which plants requires some water-action

  • Pet person? you even have a tick box to indicate whether you plan is safe for your fury animals so you don't forget

  • A dedicated Resource database for all your plant-related resources - pest control, fertilisers, tools of the a plant-parent etc. stored in one central location

  • Automatically informs you how long your plant-baby has been alive for

  • R.I.P section for any unfortunate deaths of your plants when you enter in a RIP date. ⚰️

With this dashboard, you now will have an all-in-one plant management dashboard so you never have to worry about when was the last time you watered the plants? What kind of fertiliser does it need? How much light does it need? Where are all my plants?

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