The Writer’s Hub OS in Notion Template + Mini-Course


A simple proven writing system built in Notion for coaches, solopreneurs and content creators. Helping you go from idea capture through to hitting published, so you'll hit publish on your worse day, not just your best.

⚡How will this help you?

  • Start using a Done-For-You Writer’s Hub OS Notion template in Notion, without the learning curve. (with accompanying how-to video)

  • Track and organise your writing and content creation ideas all in one place.

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm as a new online writer & creator (especially if you have a day job or busy life).

  • A system to track everything you publish to all your platforms (e.g. Newsletter, Twitter content, blog posts, LinkedIn posts)

  • Quickly and easily capture content ideas into your Library of Content, so you’re never left wondering where you should store something or lose an idea.

⚡What You’ll Learn?

  • Implement the Writer’s Hub OS writing system in your Notion workspace.

  • The common mistakes Notion beginners make (and how to avoid them).

  • The Notion best practices to get started in Notion in less time and with less overwhelm as a beginner.

  • How to structure and design pages in Notion so that it’s simple, functional and low maintenance, using my simple 1-workflow-1-dashboard framework to build anything in Notion (Not just your Writer’s Hub OS).

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